Our Teachers are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Our Teachers are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.
Your mission this week: Make sure your teacher knows he/she is the BEST IN THE UNIVERSE!
You can start by surprising your teacher with the picture below. Please color the rocket and write a special note to your teacher. This part of the mission is critical: Remember to bring it to school with you on Monday, May 6th.
I Think You Are “Out of This World!” Because…
If you would like to color more rockets for other teachers and staff members, a parent can download them from the Lakewood website.
Monday: Return your colored rocket sheet
Wednesday: Bring your teacher a school supply
Friday: Wear your teacher or staff members favorite color

International Night is soon!

International Night is coming soon!  Friday, April 12th from 6-8pm.
  • We are seeking table hosts.  You can select any country or culture; you do not have to be from that place to host.  Hosting means:
    • Creating a board with information about the country or culture (and we have many already made if you want to choose one; we can send you the list).
    • Displaying the board at International Night, along with any items reflective of the country or culture.
    • Providing food samples representative of the country or culture.
    • Staying at the table to share information and answer questions about the country or culture (6-7pm).
  • We are seeking performers.  In previous years, we have had a Korean drumming group, Irish dancers, and a Mariachi band.  If you know of anyone who would like to perform, please let us know.

If you are interested in hosting, have an idea about a performance group, or have questions, please email Costanza Colombi (ccolombi@umich.edu) and Melissa Stull (mkstull@umich.edu).  Thank you!  

Lakewood Fall Festival ~ October 26th

Lakewood Fall Festival ~ October 26th


  • If you have checked your calendar and are free the evening of Friday, October 26th, PLEASE volunteer to help at our annual Fall Festival!
    • We are short MANY volunteers for games and Trunk or Treat.
    • Please help us make this festival awesome for our kids by helping out.
    • If we don’t have volunteers for events, we will have to eliminate them from the festival.
  • There is a cheeky little garbage monster right by the MPR when you walk into school that is waiting to gobble up your candy and prize donations for the Fall Festival!
    • We are excited to see kids already feeding the garbage monster.
    • Please help us feed this garbage monster to help support our Fall Festival.
    • Thank you to those who have already contributed.










Lakewood Fun Run ~ October 19th!

Lakewood Fun Run ~ October 19th!

The Lakewood Fun/Run is this upcoming Friday, October 19, 2018.

  • Make sure to share this event with friends and family, eliciting support with pledges and donations!
    • Continue to get those pledges and return them to Lakewood by the date of the run, Friday, Oct. 19.
  • ALL Lakewood Lizards will participate, regardless of donations and/or pledges.
  • Please dress your child accordingly on Friday.

Our school loves…Summer Celebration 2018!

Our school loves…Summer Celebration 2018!

When: Friday June 1st 6-8pm

Where: Lakewood Elementary

What: End of year festival with games, food, and raffle prizes including bikes, a GoPro, an American Girl Doll and more!

RED ROBIN is back and so is DOMINOS PIZZA and KONA ICE!

Students will be coming home with ticket forms for raffle tickets and food/game tickets. These tickets will not be sent home with students this year but will be available at Will Call the night of the event.



  • 30 tkts = $25.00
  • 12 tkts = $10.00
  • 1 tkt = $1.00


  • 25 tkts = $10.00
  • 1 tkt = $0.50


  • WHOLE PIZZA = 16 tickets
  • 1 SLICE = 2 tickets
  • RED ROBIN BURGER = 5 tickets
  • COMBO MEAL (inc. pop and chips) = 8 tickets
  • POP/WATER = 2 tickets
  • CHIPS = 2 tickets.
  • KONA ICE IS CASH ONLY, $2, $3, $4, and $5 depending on size.

Flyer 2018

Raffle Ticket Sale Form 2018



Lakewood Fun Run is excited to announce…

Lakewood Fun Run is excited to announce…

We’re excited to announce the support of the following sponsors who have helped to kick off out first lakewood Fun Run/Walk! We really appreciate your contribution. Thank you to:

Decorations Sponsor: Out Loud Chorus (www.olconline.org).

Granola Bar Sponsors: Melissa Frayer, Sharlene Day and John Younger.

Water Bottle Sponsor: A & N Electric Inc. (licensed electrical contractor)

Fun Run/Walk Friend Scholarship Sponsor:

A & N Electric Inc. (licensed electrical contractor)

Fantastic Sams


Hair by Jess