Upcoming PTO Board Elections on May 8th!

The PTO is a parent-teacher organization that is committed to supporting and working with teachers, providing resources for students, and advocating for the needs of our school community. As a board, with the help of this community, I am thrilled for our kids that this year we have successfully brought back every event that we had prior to the pandemic and then some.

  • Fall Festival
  • Fun Run
  • VIP Breakfast
  • Book Bonanza
  • International Night
  • Disability Awareness Workshop
  • Read-A-Thon
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Summer Celebration. 

We have also started the tradition of school spirit tee-shirts for everyone in order to help build our Lakewood community. After the challenges of the last 3 years, I believe this is something to celebrate. 

In order to continue with these events, we need new board members for next school year. We have a solid core group of people to help carry on, but just like our 5th graders, some of the board is graduating this year, myself included. 

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Help with Facebook and email communications (Vice President)
  • Help with food night fundraisers (fundraiser coordinator)
  • A co-treasurer (2 year commitment) – deposit checks, learn about the budget in preparation to take on the role as lead treasurer

Rest assured, you will not have to figure out the job on your own. The current board is ready to step in and help you get acclimated. Not sure you want to take on a role yourself? Recruit your new best friend from drop-off/pick-up and nominate yourselves together as co-board members to share the job. The more, the merrier! 

Meetings are held once a month and last 1-2 hours. Not sure you can make it to every meeting? No worries! We have a Zoom option if making it to school is challenging. 

To nominate yourself (and a friend :)) for a board position, please attend our meeting on Monday, May 8th at 6:30 PM in the media center or via Zoom. Check Principal Stewart’s email the weekend of May 6-7 for the link.

If you have any questions about nominating yourself for a board position or about the PTO board in general, I would be happy to discuss this with you. I can be contacted at

Thank you for considering!

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